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Mud Hog has developed our own in-house conversion track system, a 100% bolt-on solution, to the Mud Hog hydraulic RWD axles for combines. This technology is the first, and only, of its kind and provides farmers with the means for an even more powerful harvest... even in standing water. 


We currently offer our X-Track systems on the following combine models: 

  • Case IH Flagships

  • New Holland Flagships

  • John Deere S- & STS-Series

X-Track Advantage

Like your agronomist may suggest, the rain might give you the urge to go golfing -- we say that's nonsense. With the X-Track, you're able to get into your fields 2-3 days sooner than you could with tires while minimizing the risk of soil displacement and wear on your combine. 

Coupled with a Mud Hog RWD axle, you'll be on your way to a powerful harvest in no time... regardless of the weather conditions.

Our Call Center hours are 8 AM to 4 PM EST. All calls received outside of these times will be addressed the following business day.

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